Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TUESDAY: high tea

Yesterday started with fresh fruit and Tofutti on toast.
I mixed the tofutti with splenda and vanilla essence to make it super sweet. Photobucket
Fruit Toast
Then I went to a High Tea with all the staff from my work.
High Tea♥SL375748

I was pretty happy that they had a select few vegan things that I could eat.
I wasn't sure if there would be anything for me, so planned ahead and I ate before I left.
High Tea
The mini fruit salads were so cute and colourful Photobucket High Tea
Green Tea
Green tea ♥ The pastry's behind I didn't eat, but sure did look cute.
Today ~
Sticky Date & Ginger Oats
Sticky Date and Ginger Oats for breakfast. Photobucket
So satisfying.
{oats : dates : naked ginger : cinnamon : vanilla essence : splenda : soy milk : roasted almonds}

Love Letters
My necklace contains a love letter  Photobucket

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