Friday, June 10, 2011

FRIDAY: tea for soy

The last few days have been the coldest of the year so far.
This called for warm cups of tea and hot water bottles. Photobucket
I received a sample from Tetley for their new 'tea for soy' so I decided to try it this morning.
soy tea
Defiantly reccomended.


Today was my last day at TAFE before the holidays.
For those who don't know me personally, I'm studying Graphic Design. 
So I handed in my last illustration piece then hurried home to relax on my veranda with corn thins spread with avocado and vegemite.
corn thin love
You must try this combination if you haven't already.

And for dinner I treated myself with one of my favourites.
pumpkin pizza
Pumpkin & Pinenut Pizza

{pita bread : tomato paste + garlic 
tomato slices : brown & red onion : mushroom : green olives
toasted pinenuts : pumpkin : vegan cheese (Cheezly Mozarella)
top with: dried oregano, fresh basil, sweet chilli sauce
serve with: spinach}
I have extra pumpkin on the side and like to eat them wrapped up in the spinach ♥
Tomorrow: the first day of my holidays.
Plan: Rocklea fresh food markets & food shopping at Mrs. Flannerys.


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