Friday, June 10, 2011

SATURDAY: free samples & farmers markets

Cold morning. Yoga on wakeup.
Bowl of overnight oats with vanilla soy yogurt, prunes & toasted almonds.
Vanilla Soy overnight oats

Layered up

Ventured to the Rocklea Fresh Farmers Markets
curly cucumber
Curly cucumber Photobucket

Rocklea Market Cupcakes
Rocklea Markets Lamingtons

Samples from Mrs. Flannerys
Salad with the fresh ingredients
Midday Salad
I bought some soy candles as well, one is scented Ginger Bread. What an amazing idea for a candle!! Photobucket

Excited for fresh strawberries tomorrow.Photobucket

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  1. love your blog so much- you have an amazingly natural sense of style that is so fun! ooo and overnight oats with soy yogurt, toasted almonds, and prunes looks/sounds delicious! ... especially when u can eat it in cozy pajamas :)