Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Here is post number one.
I thought I would start off with a photo of the Vegan Pesto I made today.
Vegan Pesto
spinach + pine nuts + nutritional yeast + olive oil + lemon + s&p + garlic
On wholemeal toast with tomato, capers and olives

Today I took a trip to my local health food shop and decided to buy some of Isola Bio's Organic Rice & Hazelnut Milk. I've only ever tried plain hazelnut milk, I'm hoping this one can compare.
I also picked up some Cheezly soy cheese. This stuff is my favourite. I put it on everything, and when put under a hot grill I find it melts and tastes quite similar to the real stuff.
Cheezly and Isola Bio Hazelnut Milk

I currently have an acorn obsession and recently bought this necklace from EclecticBijoux on Etsy.

A photo of myself.

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