Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEDNESDAY: chai tea and avocado

So I havent been able to post in the last few days because my SD card got stuck in the computer!!
Trust this to happen to me.

So after I went grocery shopping this morning I ran into Kmart, picked a new one up, and first this I did when I walked in the door was cut open the packet, stick it in my camera and take this photo to check all was okay. Photobucket

Not having a camera for even just a few days sucked! Last night for dinner I made Hottie Black Eyed Peas & Greens from Appetite for Reduction, and I was sad I couldn't take a photo of it.

So on a whim the other night I decided to change up my room a bit, move my bed, change my posters, and I've been having strange dreams ever since.
I love it.

buckwheat crispbread + avocado + almond dukkah

This is my about 20 minutes ago sipping on a chai tea latte with vanilla soy, which I brewed the traditional way on the stove top for 3 hours.
So worth it. It made my house smell amazing.
I always buy my tea from T2, because I really do think they make the best tea. ♥


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